• "Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona" (George F. Will, 1990)


    Hi there!


    Welcome to the English part of the website of Base- and Softball Club Nuenen (HSCN). Are you living in the Netherlands, either as an expatriate or as an exchange student? Then HSCN might just be the perfect place for you to stay fit and healthy during your stay abroad. We offer you the opportunity to play base- and softball, both recreational and more competitive. We have teams for all age categories and across all different levels. If you want, you can participate in training sessions, join official matches or even join our coaching staff. Our accommodation, located at the Lissevoort in Nuenen, consists of a large baseball field, a softball field, a youth playing field, several practice facilities and a large canteen. Besides the sport activities, HSCN also organizes several social events like BBQs, slow pitch softball nights and yearly tournaments (for pictures, click here). If you are enthusiastic, please feel free to join one of our practices without any obligations. For more information, you can contact us here. Additional note for (exchange) students: As the Technical University of Eindhoven (TUE) does not offer the necessary facilities, HSCN is associated with the TUE’s Sports Center toprovide students in Eindhoven the opportunity to play both base- and softball.


    Base- and Softball with your SSC sports card!


    It’s back! It is possible to play Baseball (momentarily just for gents) and Softball (momentarily just for ladies) using your SSC sports card. The SSC has set up a cooperation with Base- and Softball Club Nuenen (HSCN). The sports facilities of HSCN are just 15-20 minutes cycling away from the SSC.


    Playing matches


    Sports card holders can join the teams of HSCN. The club has 3 men teams and 2 ladies teams; so you can play at your own level. Should a lot of students join, than there is the possibility to form an all student team within HSCN.


    More info


    Should you want to join a training or become a member, than you can contact us here. Should you have questions about the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven, than you can contact Raymond Starke: r.starke@tue.nl. Check the website of the Student Sports Centre for current details about this cooperation: Range of sports TU Sports Centre (check "ballsports")