HSCN proudly welcomes you to join us for our annual international M.E.E.T. (Missing Ear European Tournament)! This 3-day tournament, named in honor of former Nuenen resident Vincent van Gogh, was founded in 1988 for baseball teams across Europe. In later years, M.E.E.T. expanded to include a softball tournament. The winner of each will go home with the famous M.E.E.T. "one-eared" trophy, designed after the tournament’s namesake!

    M.E.E.T. draws established top teams from countries across Europe as well as teams formed specifically for this tournament. Due to the international draw and the level of play, the tournament provides official KNBSB umpires to officiate the games. Tournament registration and first games are planned for Friday October 6th. After the Saturday games HSCN hosts a party for all participants including presentation of a special act! This evening is NOT to be missed, and is an opportunity to meet new baseball and softball friends as well as catch up with old friends from this tournament’s rich history. We sincerely look forward to seeing all of you baseball and softball fanatics at our tournament!